Buying a Business

Selling Your Business

My #2 goal is to sell your business. My #1 goal is to sell it without anyone knowing it’s for sale. It takes skill and expertise to sell a business without anyone knowing about it. Your employees can’t know; your customers can’t know; your vendors can’t know.

We don’t advertise your business with your business name, address, photos, and of course, no signage. All buyers are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement / Non-Disclosure before we provide an offering memorandum.

Once the buyer has an interest in a specific business, we arrange a meeting with both Buyer and Seller in the same room to discuss the business. When the Buyer and Seller build rapport and like each other, it’s much easier to negotiate the sale.

We advertise your listing internationally through the IBBA (International Business Brokers Association), BBF (Business Brokers of Florida), and we pay for premium placement on Biz Buy Sell and Biz Quest. Again, we don’t advertise the name of the business, address, or photos.

We have financing options for the buyer so they don’t rely on the seller for private financing. However some seller financing is very common.