Buying a Business

Buying A Business

You’re not just buying a business… you’re buying a lifestyle, a means of supporting your family.

Many business buyers approach us not knowing what type of business they want to purchase. I would like to personally interview you and ask about every job or work experience you’ve ever had. It’s oftentimes best to go into a business where you have experience. If you want to go into business where you have no experience, we have a checklist of every possible business, then we see what appeals to you. If you love animals, for example, a doggie daycare may be a possibility.

After a contract is executed and during our Due Diligence period, you will have an opportunity to work the business and see it’s daily operations. Even more importantly, you can see the cash flowing. Before the end of due diligence, you should have a great feeling about it, or you don’t buy. After the sale, the seller will stay on for a period of time free of charge to properly transition or acclimate you to the business. This period is typically two weeks.